Friday, 15 September 2017

4 App Store SEO Tips to Rank Your App to the Top

Today, if we talk about developing mobile apps than a very necessary step, is to rank your app to the top to make your app famous and popular in mobile apps users but a problem is that there are 28 Lack Apps in "Google Play Store" that are increasing day by day. This lack figure is very big and of course, it is not easy to rank your app to the top without any smart and efficient techniques but don’t worry we have some smart and efficient techniques to rank your app to the top by Search Engine Optimization [SEO]. SEO is basically an efficient collection of different techniques to rank your app from bottom to top. Most of the times your app is good but not popular and your want is good but also popular.
Let’s talk about these 4 SEO tips one by one.
1.  App Name with Keyword:
Give a creative and searchable name to your app that defines your app in just some words. Let me explain you with some real examples.
  1. App Name – Keyword [Google Chrome – Fast and Secure]
  2. App Name – Keyword [Yahoo Messenger – Free Chat]
  3. App Name – Keyword [Google Map – Navigation and Transit]
2.  Optimize App Popularity by Organic Search:
The journey of popular apps started (from unknown to famous) by searching. It means that firstly the users search app then download mostly according to high download, high ratings, and positive reviews. Therefore, first of all, you make your new app searchable by users by including your brand name in the link page that redirects to app download page which make your new app easily searchable for users.
3.  Buy App Rating and Reviews:
When there are too many apps available to download then app users download an app according to high ratings and positive reviews that encourage users to download the app and see what is great in this app and why users are giving high ratings and write positive reviews. This is the fastest way to give your app popular among users is that try to buy full 5-star app rating and positive app reviews. You can buy reviews from app review exchange company they will provide the positive review for your apps or games.

4.  Multiple Promotions at the Same Time:
When users visit your website they mostly see top area of a website, so you should provide multiple (more than one) apps download links on top of the page. Similarly, write multiple apps download links in each app download page to promote other apps while promoting one app.

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