Thursday, 11 January 2018

5 ways to get more and better reviews for your app

How do I get more app reviews?
The volume of reviews and ratings you receive has the biggest impact on your rankings in the top charts and search results. Therefore finding ways to get more app reviews is extremely important for the visibility of your app.
How do I get better app reviews?
If your apps consistently get app reviews with low star ratings you’ll see negative effects on your rankings in the app store. App stores want to promote awesome apps, for obvious reasons.
Luckily we see millions of app reviews and know what it takes to be get app reviews that will help your app succeed. Here are our 5 tips to help both of these questions.

1. Ask!
Prompting for app reviews is a pretty controversial topic, but my belief is that if it’s done in a way that doesn’t annoy the user then it is perfectly just.
My tips:

  • Don’t use popups and don’t interrupt.
  • Give the user time to explore the app first.
  • Ask after a positive moment in your app.
  • Give the user the opportunity to send feedback.

2. Provide great support
At App-bot we automatically group app reviews into Topics. One thing we notice with apps that steadily improve their app reviews is that they provide great customer support.

3. Reply to reviews on Google Play
97% of Google Play reviews go unanswered! What better way to turn 1 star app reviews into 5 star reviews, get valuable feedback and make a user happy than to actually reply to them and solve their issue?

4. Read and monitor your reviews
I’m pretty biased on this one, because it’s what we do! But really how can you expect to improve app reviews unless you look at the ones you are getting already?
App reviews are full of valuable feedback, wow moments, feature requests and so much more. We all spend so much time trying to get this sort of information from people when it’s already right there waiting for us.

5. Update regularly
Users love when an app is continually updated with great new features and fixes. Especially when new OS versions are released and there are new features to take advantage of. New OS versions are also a common cause of bugs and crashes, so make sure you test during the beta period.

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